Ghana Visit

Fellowship Members at Hill House Meeting

In August of 2017, the Fellowship sponsored a trip of 35 people of African descent to Ghana, West Africa including Vanessa Julye and Claudia Ware who were instrumental in organizing the effort. The various activities and venues of the trip included two inspiring visits to Hill House Friends Meeting, an unprogrammed meeting in Accra. Upon their return, members of the delegation to Ghana shared the moving experience and sense of homecoming they felt when they set their foot on their ancestral lands for the first time.

Elmina Slave Fort


They also shared the lingering pain of visiting the slave fort in Elmina where their ancestors were beaten, raped and tortured before being forced through the “door of no return” to be taken across the ocean in slave ships.


There is a plaque at the slave fort with words that vowed that such injustice should never happen again. That plaque and commitment was the result of the Fihankra Project organized by Deborah Saunders, a member of  the Fellowship, in 1996.