About Us

Fellowship of Friends of African Descent was formed at a Gathering at Pendle Hill in Pennsylvania in 1990 out of a desire for Quakers of African descent get to know each other.  It was incorporated with the following mission statement in 1991:

  • To publish and respond to the concerns of Friends of African descent within the Religious Society of Friends.
  • To provide for the nurture of Friends of African descent, their families and friends.
  • To address and respond to issues affecting people of African descent in their communities.

The Fellowship has membership meetings, or Gatherings, on an annual or bi-annual basis, during which it conducts business with programmed and un-programmed  worship. At the Gatherings, the Fellowship develops statements related to people of African descent and formulates its agendas for local or global activism. Its  Continuing Committee has responsibility for acting on behalf of the Fellowship between Gatherings. The current members of the Continuing Committee are the following persons:

Clerk: Ayesha Imani
Treasurer: Paula Rhodes
Recording Clerk: Joan Broadfield
Assist. Clerk: Gloria Thompson
Asst. Treasurer: Regina Renee Ward
Secretary: Joyce Inspira Williams
Communications Clerk: Phil Lord

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